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"René F. Viancos S." rviancos at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 04:01:25 PDT 2005

I'm very interesting in your project idea, I'will start with chilean 
part of the postgis geocoder project

As an attecment, i send you a geocoder written in C, that makes use of 
Shapelib in order to get X,Y from a Shapefile.

This geocoder gets the geometry arcs from the shapefile (included as an 
example) and interpolate the number of the street address, contained in 
the selected spatial record.

it may be a begining ???  but the streets geometry building are 
different in aech country. if you want, i can give you more details 
about chilean streets data structures soon...

My regards

René F. Viáncos S.
Ingeniero Consultor en Geomática y TIC
Vicerrectoría de Investigación y Desarrollo
Universidad de Chile
Tel (56-2) 632 51 15
Cel (56 9) 933 72 66
rviancos at uchile.cl

Paul Scott wrote:

>On Mon, 2005-08-15 at 05:29 -0400, "René F. Viancos S." wrote:
>>Someone knows an opensource development  for geocoding in PostGIS and/or 
>Seeing as though this thread comes up with _alarming_ regularity, I
>propose that we *start* a project for exactly this.
>We could divide the source tree by country, and let everyone interested
>contribute some country specific code. Once that is done, try then to
>create a generic "world-geocoder" of sorts. I am sure that the Mapserver
>Community would also like to get involved.
>I am prepared to host such  a project, as well as provide additional
>mailing lists etc, to keep it off this list (eliminating unnecessary
>mail to uninterested parties).
>Comments? Thoughts? Flames?
>I could have this set up in a matter of minutes, so let me know. I think
>that this project will create some respite for all users of this list :)
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