[postgis-users] PHP PostGIS "wrapper"

Paul Scott paul at in2one.co.za
Tue Jan 4 12:11:56 PST 2005

I am doing this as a personal project at the moment, but I would like to
start pushing OpenGIS into Africa. At the moment, FOSS is gaining
poularity especially in South Africa, and this is an excellent way of
showing off what can be done (in conjunction with the UMN Mapserver) - I
have found that people need to see in order to beleive! 

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The AVOIR project is an open source network for Africa - this IMHO is
the perfect platform for this type of development. It is actively
monitored by many tertiary institutions throughout Africa, and hopes to
become the "African Sourceforge", so the more developers etc using it,
the better, I would encourage all developers to use it, if only to
mirror projects hosted elsewhere.
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My ultimate goal in doing this piece of work, is to convince Dr. Richard
Knight to convert the sacoast projects http://sacoast.uwc.ac.za to use
Open Source technology. The irony of the matter is that when that
project was started, he was keen to make it open source, but no-one at
the University had any idea as to where to start (Before I got there).
They were focused on the "Miracle of ASP and MS-SQL"...

Thanks for your input, sorry about the long winded reply...


On Tue, 2005-01-04 at 18:43, Chris Holmes wrote:
> I personally am not interested, as I don't program in php.  But I am 
> interested in Open Source GIS work in Africa.  What are you doing with 
> PostGIS?  I'm the lead developer of GeoServer - Open Source WFS, with 
> postgis as our favorite data source, and I maintain the postgis module on 
> GeoTools - the open source java gis toolkit.  And I'm going to Zambia on a 
> scholarship in 2005 to try to help them implement a Spatial Data 
> Infrastructure using Open Source GIS software.  So I'm interested in the 
> open source GIS scene in Africa.  
> Also, you may send an email to the mapbender list, as there may be people
> who are interested there.  See http://mapbender.org, it's implemented in
> php, and I don't think they offer direct postgis support.  But even if
> they do there might be php users on the list.
> best regards,
> Chris
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> > Thanks to the excellent (chap 5) PostGIS Documentation, I have *almost*
> > completed a php wrapper class for postGIS. I have also added a couple of
> > my own functions in there to make life easier, especially for new
> > postGIS Users. This class is primarily a documentation class, it
> > outlines the PostGIS functions for phpDoc style API Documentation and
> > basically provides a usage example of the postGIS functions. It needs a
> > whole lot of work, before I can say that it could possibly be used in a
> > prod environment!
> > 
> > If there is interest from the php-postgis community, I will set up a CVS
> > account for any developers wishing to contribute to it on
> > http://avoir.uwc.ac.za (and create a project for it).
> > 
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