[postgis-users] Intersection problems with complex polygons

TECHER Jean David davidtecher at yahoo.fr
Fri Jan 7 03:41:06 PST 2005

Hi Andreas

I'm a friend of Bernd :-)

I tried your SQL file in two postgis tables...= One for the mulitpolygon
that I called anmp and the polygon (rectangle) ansp

I viewed the tables with QGIS ...It seems normal that you have a
instead of a polygon as an expected intersection...

For the intersection I do

create table "aninter" (gid serial);
INSERT INTO "aninter" (gid,"the_geom") VALUES ('0',

If you make a zoom in the intersection area you have two disjoint polygons
in this intersection ...just see the attached images...
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Subject: [postgis-users] Intersection problems with complex polygons

> Hi,
> I regularly run into intersection problems when using intersection
> between a rectangle (defined as a POLYGON) and a very complex polygon
> After intersection I expect to get back a MULTIPOLYGON, however, it
> results in a GEOMETRYCOLLECTION not only containing POLYGON or
> MULTIPOLYGON elements, but also LINESTRINGs.
> I can't understand why? is there a limit in complexity or a bug in the
> GEOS library?
> To reproduce my problem I have a SQL query online, containing the two
> geometries: http://www.carto.net/neumann/temp/intersection_test.sql.gz -
> the first geometry is fairly complex, but a realworld example from the
> Yosemite National Park.
> I am using the latest GEOS library (2.1.1) and the latest postgis
> version (0.9.1).
> Any hints would be welcome.
> Thanks,
> Andreas
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