[postgis-users] Followup: AsSVG and precision control

Andreas Neumann neumann at karto.baug.ethz.ch
Thu Jan 13 08:20:34 PST 2005

Ah, good to hear! thank you very much, did not notice that - appreciated!

Where can I read the revisions that don't go in the main releases? I
figured out that I can read the revisions in the changelog
(http://postgis.refractions.net/docs/ch05.html) but could not find other
resources with revisions (well maybe in some CVS version).

I meanwhile patched AsSVG() myself. Just wanted to make sure that other
people later (1.0 can use it too, without having to patch).

Thanks again,

strk at refractions.net wrote:

>Actually I've already set the code to Klaus' behaviour:
> * Revision 1.4  2004/10/15 09:41:22  strk
> * changed precision semantic back to number of decimal digits
>Just didn't go in the 0.9 branch..
>There are no plans for another release in the 0.9 branch, so
>you should probably wait for 1.0 to come out.
>On Thu, Jan 13, 2005 at 02:56:52PM +0100, Andreas Neumann wrote:
>>I would like to continue the thread between Klaus and strk from October 
>>Klaus wrote a patch (http://svg.cc/pg/assvg/assvg-0.5.1.patch) that 
>>allows better precision control than the version distributed with the 
>>official postgis distribution.
>>From what I read in the thread I have the impression that strk maybe 
>>misunderstood the intention from Klaus.
>>With Klaus' patch one can specifically set the nr of decimal places (the 
>>places after the decimal point) to say 1, while with the old version 
>>distributed with Postgis one cannot specifically control the decimal 
>>places, but only the overall number of digits including the decimal 
>>places. I think Klaus patch is more elegant and should be made the 
>>default version in Postgis.
>>To illustrate the problem with the old solution:
>>say the coordinate range in your project varies from 500 to 500000, in 
>>AsSvg you specify that you want 8 digits, than the coordinates with 500 
>>will have more decimal places (5 decimal places, more accurate) than the 
>>coordinates with say 400000 (2 decimal places, less accurate), which 
>>means, that you have a varying accuracy over the whole project. I don't 
>>think that this is the behaviour that the Postgis/SVG users want.
>>So, please, if possible, if you could make Klaus patch 
>>(http://svg.cc/pg/assvg/assvg-0.5.1.patch) the default AsSVG function in 
>>the official Postgis distribution, that would really help.
>>Thanks for your help!
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