[postgis-users] RE: RC2 is out

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Wed Jan 26 11:42:09 PST 2005

PG8.0 is supported, it is just a matter of time before binaries w/ 
PostGIS rc2 are released, I am sure.

Moisan Yves wrote:

> Thanx, great work!  Is there an ETA for PG 8.0 or is it supported in 1.0 
> RC2 ?  I know PG 8.0 final is pretty darn fresh, but I've tested some 
> stuff on PG80RC3 already and I would like to avoid using a postGIS 
> version that relies on 7.X on my ... windows machine.  I gather there 
> are Win binaries of postGIS out there (last I saw was with PG8.0RC5).  
> Should I rely on those binaries or should I wait for an official postGIS 
> 1.X version compatible with PG8.0 ?

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