[postgis-users] Small oversights in PostGIS 1.0 RC1 and migration help

Gino Lucrezi gino-postgis at lucrezi.net
Thu Jan 27 04:57:59 PST 2005

> > Obviously, in an existing DB, I can't just drop the table and recreate 
> > it according to the newest spatial_ref_sys.sql file, because there 
> > are constraints forbidding it; is there any simple way to do it?

> Postgis itself does not set constraints to them, you could check if
> the new entries from spatial_ref_sys.sql are correct and use
the new ones.

Oppsss... my mistake.

The actual constraints are something like: 
CONSTRAINT "$1" CHECK ((srid(the_geom) = 26592))
which does not create a foreign key relationship with the spatial_ref_sys table.

> > Also, utils/postgis_restore.pl doesn't work well if 
> > internationalization variables LANG, LANGUAGE or LC_ALL 
> > aren't set correctly; it won't reimport tables which have 
> > international characters.
> > 
> > I'll have to test if reimporting using psql works OK

Anyone has any experiences on that?
I know it's a postgreSQL issue, but maybe...

Gino Lucrezi
Penta Consulting Services

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