[postgis-users] Gentoo Emerge (from Gerald FENOY)

Jean David TECHER davidtecher at yahoo.fr
Wed Jul 27 01:44:32 PDT 2005

could you give me which is the version of the ebuild youve used to
make this test ?
Could you give me the emerge logs of this emerge ? (Indeed I would
like to see if you don't have some trace of an old installation on
your system, cause in that case portage will not remove the old


PS: Sandro could U add gfenoy at gmail.com as a sender for this mailling list, indeed he experiences a tecnical problem on his djayux.net mail server :/

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  I Installed Postgis on Gentoo using:

  USE="geos proj doc" ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge postgis

  select postgis_version() = 1.1 USE_GEOS=0 USE_PROJ=1 USE_STATS=1

  Does this mean it's still not using GEOS? If so what should I do to make 
  it use GEOS?

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