[postgis-users] trouble with moving data

Sears, Jeremy Jeremy.Sears at CCRS.NRCan.gc.ca
Tue Nov 15 12:12:36 PST 2005

Good day all,

Im attempting to load GIS data into PostgreSQL 8.1. 

I have a fresh install on a winXP machiene. My data are in a dump file that
was produced by an earlier version of the database using pg_dump exe. I have
tried to load these data into my new database using the pg_restore command.
I get no errors however no data are loaded. After a number of attempts the
best I seem to get is that pg_restore will create my schema and tables, but
wont populate the tables wih data.

Has anyone had a simmilar experience? What am I missing?
Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

Many Thanks

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