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Mikael Carneholm Mikael.Carneholm at WirelessCar.com
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This seems to be related: http://postgis.refractions.net/pipermail/postgis-users/2005-November/010029.html


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> Mark,
> Here are the EXPLAIN ANALYZE plans for the three query variation. I
> would love to have your insight on these and how you analyze them as it
> will probably help me in the future.
> Thank you,
>    -Steve W.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for the info. It is fairly apparent that the expand() function has
changed the query plan, but I'll take a look at that later. The first thing
that stands out is your basic index query below:

> canada=# EXPLAIN ANALYZE select count(*) from roadseg r, streets s where
> r.the_geom && s.the_geom;
>                                                                   QUERY
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
>   Aggregate  (cost=70651393.10..70651393.10 rows=1 width=0) (actual
> time=5037110.049..5037110.050 rows=1 loops=1)
>     ->  Nested Loop  (cost=0.00..70633249.98 rows=7257247 width=0)
> (actual time=196.615..5027698.511 rows=4795163 loops=1)
>           ->  Seq Scan on roadseg r  (cost=0.00..139617.69 rows=1843769
> width=143) (actual time=19.554..13494.148 rows=1843769 loops=1)
>           ->  Index Scan using streets_gidx on streets s
> (cost=0.00..38.12 rows=9 width=152) (actual time=1.321..2.705 rows=3
> loops=1843769)
>                 Index Cond: ("outer".the_geom && s.the_geom)
>   Total runtime: 5037110.212 ms
> (6 rows)
> Time: 5037273.857 ms

This is doing a nested loop scan so for each of your 1.8m rows in roadseg
you are extracting 3 rows from streets to give just under 5m rows - but
extracting these 5m rows is taking over an hour an half which seems a very
long time indeed.

Can you confirm your PostgreSQL configuration by doing SHOW ALL and posting
back the output? My guess is that your shared_buffers setting is far too
low, although if you let us know the RAM in your database machine then we
can work out using a "rule of thumb" some new parameters for your
postgresql.conf file.

Kind regards,


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