[postgis-users] Postgis install problem under Suse 9.3

Poizot Emmanuel poizot at cnam.fr
Tue Oct 4 07:38:42 PDT 2005

Hi all,
I try to install postgis under suse 9.3. I did install postgresql source 
from YAST utility but I'm unable to locate them (I assume it's in 
/usr/include/pgsql where I found postgres header source files).
So I did copy postgis folder in /usr/include/pgsql and cd into it (as 
asking in the README.postgis file).
But ./configure --enable-autoconf complain about postgresql sources it 
didn't found.
Does anybody succed installing postgis under suse 9.3 ?


Emmanuel Poizot
B.P. 324
50103 Cherbourg Cedex

Phone (Direct) : (00 33)(0)233887342
Fax : (00 33)(0)233887339

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