[postgis-users] ArcGIS/ArcView client to the PostGIS?

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Tue Oct 4 14:34:11 PDT 2005

I am not entirely following due to language issues but:
- uDig is internationaliz*able* but currently has just ES, EN, DE, FR  
- CadCorp SIS has as much functionality as ArcGIS at approx 1/10 the  
- I know of no guaranteed way of doing ArcGIS/ArcView connectivity to  

On 4-Oct-05, at 1:37 PM, Carlos Gonçalves wrote:

> Hi Paul.
> >>>If you like Java, and you want PostGIS connectivity, try uDig.  But
> >>>you specified ArcView/ArcGIS...?
> >>>P.
> Yes, I like Java.
> A question on uDig.  It has an internationalized version?  Portuguese?
> It has possibility to use plug-ins developed for the JUMP?  Raster?
> But my problem is that I have to know if exists a solution that  
> makes possible clients ArcGIS/ArcView if to connect to the PostGIS  
> to read and writer?
> The problem :
> It has a project where the users use ArcGIS/ArcView licenses mono- 
> users, the demand of the project is to pass all them to layer and  
> data it PostGIS and to make with that the customers pass to have  
> access to the PostGIS.
> For this necessary of a connection between clients ArcGIS/ArcView  
> and the PostGIS that reads and writes in the base.
> Thank you
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