[postgis-users] problem installing postgis with geos support

david techer davidtecher at yahoo.fr
Wed Oct 5 22:56:53 PDT 2005

Did U do a make disclean before make again

or can you more informations about what U did:

- commands, systems, version and so on...???

Jean David TECHER
e-mail: davidtecher(at)yahoo(dot)fr
site: http://techer.pascal.free.fr/postgis/

Jonathan Aguero a écrit :

>Dear All,
>I haven't being able to install postgis with geos support. 
>I checked in the list posts and I tried some suggestions like installing
>geos then using ldconfig and finally compiling postgis again but no
>I modified the Make.config to enable geos support but when I finally
>created a new database the function postgis_version() returns a geos =
>The function postgis_geos_version() returns an empty row which I guess
>means that geos support for postgis is not properly installed.
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