[postgis-users] PostGIS PHP Classes - Update

Paul Scott pscott at uwc.ac.za
Sun Oct 9 21:56:07 PDT 2005

I have started on a second version of the PHP based PostGIS stuff. At
the moment there is only a CVS version available of the new stuff, but
the "stable" release is still available for download from
http://avoir.uwc.ac.za/projects/postgis/ . 

In this new version a number of enhancements and changes are taking
place. Focus will shift from creating all encompassing mega classes to
smaller more personalised classes that do a specific job. These all
interact with each other in a semi modular format, to create the basis
of a PHP-PostGIS framework, as opposed to an insane hack that does

Work is progressing quickly on this project, but the need for proper
documentation is apparent. If anyone is interested in helping out here,
please let me know.

A second phase of the second version will also take care of

I have also started a mailing list for this project. You can subscribe
at: http://avoir.uwc.ac.za/mailman/listinfo/postgis-devel or from the
main project page.


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