[postgis-users] Install PostGIS from a server script?

Charlie Savage cfis at interserv.com
Mon Oct 10 15:53:09 PDT 2005

Is it possible for a postgresql server to run a script stored on the 
server, and not on a client?

More specifically, I have a Linux server (running postgresql 8.1 beta2 
and the CVS HEAD of postgis) and a Windows client.

 From the windows client I would like to be able to create a database, 
install POSTGIS, and then create various tables/objects and load data.

I run into problems when trying to install postgis from the windows 
client because obviously "psql -d [yourdatabase] -f lwpostgis.sql" 
doesn't work because lwpostgis.sql is on the server (and even if it was 
one the client it specifies $libdir/liblwgeom.dll instead of 

Is it possible to do this, or is it disallowed for security reasons?


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