[postgis-users] Install PostGIS from a server script?

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Mon Oct 10 16:44:09 PDT 2005

On 10-Oct-05, at 3:53 PM, Charlie Savage wrote:

> Is it possible for a postgresql server to run a script stored on  
> the server, and not on a client?
> More specifically, I have a Linux server (running postgresql 8.1  
> beta2 and the CVS HEAD of postgis) and a Windows client.
> From the windows client I would like to be able to create a  
> database, install POSTGIS, and then create various tables/objects  
> and load data.
> I run into problems when trying to install postgis from the windows  
> client because obviously "psql -d [yourdatabase] -f lwpostgis.sql"  
> doesn't work because lwpostgis.sql is on the server (and even if it  
> was one the client it specifies $libdir/liblwgeom.dll instead of  
> $libdir/liblwgeom.so).
> Is it possible to do this, or is it disallowed for security reasons?

The second one.  Imagine if anyone who had database access had access  
to all world-readable files on the server.  If you had the right file  
on the client side, you could do it remotely though.  You can do  
"create language" remotely, then you can create all the functions  
remotely, you just have to reference the right .so.  So if you copy  
lwpostgis.sql from the unix to the windows machine first, you are  
basically good to go. Create PL/PgSQL, then run the file.


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