[postgis-users] libpostgis library

Markus Schaber schabi at logix-tt.com
Fri Oct 14 04:20:33 PDT 2005

Hi, Frances,

Frances Collier schrieb:

> I am trying to get data from Postgis into Mapserver and am having
> problems. I’m pretty sure I’ve connected to the database because if I
> put an invalid table name I get an error back. However, I cannot get
> Mapserver to display the data from the correct table. According to
> http://dl.maptools.org/dl/docs/mapserv/MsVectorDataGuide.pdf (pg. 8) I
> need the libpostgis.dll but I don’t have it. I have installed postgis on
> the machine, but a search does not produce that dll anywhere. Does
> anyone know where I can get it? Or why it would not be there?

If you use PostGIS 1.0 or newer, check for a liblwgeom.dll or lwgeom.dll.

Also try to connect to the database via a command line sql tool, and try
to execute "SELECT postgis_full_version()" and send us the output.


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