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This is what I have come up with.  It seems to work.  I am trying to get the extent of the selected geometries.  Not each individual extent.  Below is what best achieved it.  Thanks for the input, it got me working in the right direction.


SELECT AsText(box2d(GeomUnion(the_geom)))

>From trails_02a

WHERE objectid = 1 OR objectid = 2 OR objectid = 3;


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Try SELECT BOUNDARY(the_geom) From trails_02a WHERE objectid = 1 OR objectid = 2 OR objectid = 3;

Then AND condition makes always false the Query and never returns any recordset. Does not exists an element that has tree objectid in the same time. Think the AND operator like Intersection of elements and OR operator like the union of elements. Sorry, i dont see this before.


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