Slow postGIS data query (was RE: [postgis-users] mapserverdbconnection)

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The query I tested was "Select the_geom from europecountries". There are
only 50 rows in the table, however they are large width-wise. For the entire
table to be retrieved (an area of 33857499) it took 13 seconds versus 3
seconds for the shape file. These times decreased to my last run (an area of
15159) which took 2 seconds for the database but 0 seconds for the shape
file. Now, these are rough figures, but I thought good enough to enhance our
understanding of how Mapserver dealt with the two different ways of
obtaining data.

Thank you,


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> Hello,
> I've been trying to find out what exactly Mapserver gets back 
> from Postgis when querying the tables. I haven't found this 
> to be documented anywhere. Does Postgis return a shape file, 
> layer, or simply data rows? The reason I'm asking is that I 
> noticed a huge time difference between connecting to Postgis 
> and simply calling the shape files - with the Postgis being 
> significantly slower. I know Postgis offers a lot more 
> functionality, but for simple comparisons I do not have any 
> type of filter applied.
> I'd appreciate any knowledge, advice, and/or direction.
> Thank you,
> Frances Collier

Hi Frances,

What do you mean by significantly slower? Can you quantify this in seconds,
for example a shapefile query is instant whereas a PostGIS query takes 5s?

Kind regards,


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