[postgis-users] postgis for non-superuser user

Shoaib Burq hydromap at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 16:42:36 PDT 2006

Thanks Markus,

> If you can call "create database", then you actually _are_ superuser, right?

Hummm... not as I understand it. a non-superuser can create db's but
may not be able to create a procedural language or define the C

> And for installing PostGIS into a database, you need to define some 'C'
> functions. As 'C' is considered an "unsafe" language by PostgreSQL (you
> can bypass the whole security system), you need superuser rights for this.

So the upshot: no-superuser no postgis db? :(

> The debian installation has a template_postgis database, AFAIR.

I wonder if there's anything stopping me from using that on Gentoo?


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