[postgis-users] Question about the regression tests on Windows

Fri Apr 21 02:33:23 PDT 2006

Hello Mark,

Thank you for your answer and sorry to not having seen your post on the 
postgis-devel list.
I will try to used your patch in my next compilation.


Mark Cave-Ayland a écrit :

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>>Hello List,
>>I got a question about the PostGIS regression tests.
>>Using MinGW and Msys, I have compiled PostGreSQL 8.1.3, Geos 2.2.1, Proj
>>4.4.9 and PostGIS 1.1.2 on Windows 2000 Professionnel.
>>As my system is a french one, "initdb" has built the database cluster
>>using as locale support "French_France.1252". So to run the regression
>>tests, I have done :
>>- stop the postmaster
>>- modify the "postgresql.conf" file to set :
>># These settings are initialized by initdb -- they might be changed
>>lc_messages = 'C'#'French_France.1252'                  # locale for
>>system error message strings
>>lc_monetary = 'C'#'French_France.1252'                  # locale for
>>monetary formatting
>>lc_numeric = 'C'#'French_France.1252'                   # locale for
>>number formatting
>>lc_time = 'C'#'French_France.1252'                      # locale for
>>time formatting
>>- restart the postmaster
>>- go to the repertory of the PostGIS sources which is
>>"/home/dantea/sources/PostGIS/postgis-1.1.2/" (that is to say
>>"C:\msys\1.0\home\dantea\sources\PostGIS\postgis-1.1.2"), directory
>>where PostGIS was compiled
>>- launch the "make test" command.
>>Have you already encounter this problem of "path" in the lwpostgis.sql
>>file ?
>>Why do this file, stored in the "regress" directory, contain this path ?
>>Have you already passed the regression tests ?
>>Thank you for your help.
>>Alexandra DANTE
>Hi Alexandra,
>Yes, I discovered this issue while preparing the Win32 builds at
>http://www.webbased.co.uk/mca/ and posted a patch to the postgis-devel list
>l. This patch has now been applied to CVS, so the regression tests for
>1.1.3/CVS should run without a problem. 
>Also, if you are building from source, you may be interested the see the
>win32build.sh script I use as part of the Win32 installer which can be
>downloaded as part of the installer source
>This includes the above patch in the patches/ directory, but you'll need to
>manually apply it and run ./autogen.sh before starting the build.
>Kind regards,
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