[postgis-users] Quote problem in query

Stefan Schwarzer stefan.schwarzer at grid.unep.ch
Mon Apr 24 04:59:37 PDT 2006

Hi there,

I just ran into a problem where I can't see and find a way out...

In a php file I have the command (writing the .map file for mapserver  

	fwrite($fp, "DATA 'the_geom FROM (SELECT ");

	fwrite($fp, $complex_selection." WHERE table.id = other_table.id) AS  
foo USING UNIQUE uid USING srid=-1' ");

Now, I would like to add another WHERE clause, like

	... AND table.name = 'Algeria'

But then I ran into the problem that I have two time the apostrophe,  
so the query get's actually truncated at this point:

	fwrite($fp, "DATA 'the_geom FROM (SELECT ");

	fwrite($fp, $complex_selection." WHERE table.id = other_table.id AND  
table.name = '

Error message naturally then.

Is there any way to use magic quotes or something similar to "mimic"  
the apostrophe for the country name clause?

Thanks for any hints.

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