[postgis-users] French Documentation for PostGIS 1.1.2 available (both) on Win32 and Debian Testing

TECHER David davidtecher at yahoo.fr
Wed Apr 26 13:45:18 PDT 2006

Hi all,

It makes a long times that PostGIS 1.1.2 came out.

(Sorry for my being late in updating documentation)

Here U will find a few URL for French users:

HTML: http://www.postgis.fr/documentation/win32/html/index.html
PDF: http://www.postgis.fr/documentation/win32/pdf/compilpsqlwin32.pdf

GNU/Linux Debian Testing:

PDF: http://www.postgis.fr/documentation/debian/postgis-1.1.2/pdf/doc.pdf

Gerald and a friend have done a translatio for PostGIS Doc in French
available here:


We hope that will be helpful!

The French PostGIS Team ;-)


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