[postgis-users] Transformation problem using transform()

Marc Angelo computrain at paradise.net.nz
Sun Apr 30 06:05:31 PDT 2006

Hi Everyone

I have a quick question regarding using the transform function. I'm very new to this so please excuse the basic question.

I have a very simple spatial table that I import data to. The srid is 4326 (WGS84). When I run the following transform function it works fine:-

SELECT Transform(position,4269) FROM waypoints;

....so far so good. Problem is when I try several other transform's using various srid's I get the following error:-

ERROR:  transform: couldn't project point: -45 (geocentric transformation missing z or ellps)

I'm sure someone is going to spot what I'm doing wrong straight away - any help would greatly be appreciated - by the way I am using the Windows Version of Postgres etc

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