[postgis-users] Use of PostGIS for Renewable Energy resource analysis, mapping, etc

dnrg dananrg at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 30 09:05:42 PDT 2006

Anyone here use PostGIS (and/or MapServer) for
Renewable Energy analysis, map generation, etc?

I will be doing some pro-bono work for my alma mater
this summer, serving up wind resource data (overlaid
upon parcel data), to citizens of my state. Presently,
the University must field phone calls, fire up ArcMap,
search/pan to a citizen's parcel, muck with map
layout, then mail a paper map. Time consuming and a
waste of resources.

I realize a lot of this could be automated with
ArcMap, but not to the extent that satifies me. I want
to architect a self-service web app, extending it to
microhydro and solar insolation later on.

The Uni has an ESRI site license, but:

1) That site license could expire, leaving an app
built on a foundation that has disappeared

2) Affordable hosting options seem non-existent for
ArcIMS - may be cheaper for them to purchase GIS web
hosting (where PostGIS and MapServer are supported)
than to purchase a new server up to the task.

3) I want to take the expertise I've been developing
with Python (for geoprocessing in ArcCatalog) and
apply it further. Not sure why, but ESRI seems only to
minimally utilize the power of Python as a mere
scripting language - when in reality it is a full
blown OOP language that could probably be used to
develop ArcObjects apps

4) The budget for this project is tiny; mostly a
volunteer effort for the cause of enabling and
promoting residential renewable energy adoption in our
State. If I was talking about ArcSDE, and wanted to
crack a joke here, I'd say "My favorite State is
Zero..." - can't get much more obsurant than that
(Versioning and states)

5) It's open source, thus more extensible



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