[postgis-users] Fast access to PostGIS from c/c++

Boehm, Andreas boehm at rif.fuedo.de
Wed Dec 6 01:48:23 PST 2006

Hi Mark,

thanks for your advice.

> If all your geometries are of one type, e.g. points, the 
> second fastest method would probably be to use a prepared 
> statement using the MakePoint() function [...]
Using libpqxx prepared functionality with MakePoint() works fine.
Unfortunately is slower than inserting with GeometryFromText().

> In theory, COPY should be fastest method of inserting 
> geometries since it requires that the client should already 
> have converted the geometry to EWKB format ready for 
> insertion. 
I'll figure that out and post the results if somebody is interested in


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