[postgis-users] Different srtext for the same SRID ?

Arnaud Lesauvage thewild at freesurf.fr
Mon Feb 27 07:11:06 PST 2006

Hi Frank !

Frank Warmerdam a écrit :
> These are clearly the same coordinate system.  I have never seen anyone
> generate WKT with a "K0" parameter instead of "scale_factor", and if you
> can find out I would be interested to know what software this came from.

I can ask my data provider about that. I believe they use one of 
ESRI's piece of software, but I'm not sure about that.

> In other regards, the WKT is OK if quirky.  Names for stuff like units are
> just for understandability of the human, so calling a meter "Non-meter" is
> harmless though confusing.

Yes, and indeed I was confused ! ;-)
Glad to know that the coordinates are OK.
Thanks for your help Frank !


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