[postgis-users] Set a default SRID ?

Arnaud Lesauvage thewild at freesurf.fr
Fri Jan 6 05:55:10 PST 2006

Nicolas Ribot wrote:
>> Thanks for your answer.
>> SRID is not relevant while I am working on the data, but I want to
>> be able to export my data in different spatial references, that's
>> why I specified my SRID while importing the data (with shp2pgsql).
>> Was it wrong to do that ? Should I have imported the data with no
>> SRID, and converting the spatial coordinates only when doing ther
>> exports ?
> No, if you want to reproject your data when exporting them, then I
> think its better to do like you do:
> Importing data from shapefile with a correct SRID; then transforming
> data when exporting them.
> (The transform() function expects input and output SRID).

Thanks for your answers Nicolas, I'll keep on working like that then.


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