[postgis-users] OT: pgsql2shp temporary table persists (avpgcon)

Robert Burgholzer rburghol at chesapeakebay.net
Fri Jan 6 11:02:02 PST 2006

I ran into a problem running avpgcon --I managed to goof up my db
somehow, I think cancelling a pgsql2shp query at a bad time. Although
this problem occurred using avpgcon, I believe that the source of the
problem may lie in the shp2pgsql routine somehow.


Now, when opening up the avpgcon add theme dialog a phantom table shows
up in the list named "__pgsql2shp_tmp_table". Whenever I try to load a
shape from this database it fails, and the postgres error console shows
it asking for one of the columns in this phantom table, regardless of
the table I am actually asking for.  This even happens when using
p2sql2shp from the command line regardless of the query I put in.  It
shows up in multiple clients (2 different workstations) and seems to
affect only this database. I can load things fine from other databases.
I have restarted my postmaster process to no avail, and am currently
performing a "vacuum full" in hopes that this will solve it.


I will report back if this solves the problem, but I am thinking this
may be an obscure bug in the shp2pgsql routine. Any clues?




Robert W. Burgholzer

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