[postgis-users] Combinatorial Boundary ?

Arnaud Lesauvage thewild at freesurf.fr
Fri Jan 27 07:10:12 PST 2006

Hi all !

I am trying to find the boundary of a set of points.
I don't know whether PostGIS is able to do this or not, but the 
documentation describes a Boundary() function that is supposed to 
return a combinatorial boundary "as described in OGC SPEC 3.12.2".
I can't find this document !
It is referenced as 96-015R1, but I can't find it !
I have document 1-101, but there is no description of 
"combinatorial boundary" in there.
Could some one explain to me what this boundary is, or where I 
could find the reference document ?

Thanks a lot !


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