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alex bodnaru alexbodn at 012.net.il
Thu Mar 2 08:48:44 PST 2006


recent postgresql do not generate the oid column by default.
please check relevant issue on postgresql.org.


Sears, Jeremy wrote:
> Hi All,
> Im having a problem with postgresql/postgis. We have been working with this
> database for some time now. All of the tables that contain geometry have
> been created in older versions of post (7 - 8.0). We have upgraded since
> then and now use postgresql8.1 with updated postgis. Mapserver and Qgis can
> connect to the older tables and display the geometry associated with them.
> We have recently added a new spatial table, using what I understand to be
> the same methodology that was used to add the other spatial tables. Neither
> Mapserver nor Qgis can connect the this new table. The table is identical to
> one of the older tables in everyway ( except the new table has different
> records ). QGIS give the following error when I try to connect to the new
> table:
> ..thetable has no primary key nor oid column...etc .. the table should be
> indexed..
> I have reindexed the database to no avail. Im relativly new to this so I am
> hoping that someone on the list recoginizes this issue and can advise on
> what to do. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!
> Thanks
> Jeremy
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