[postgis-users] RE: area in meters

ebcorder at rockwellcollins.com ebcorder at rockwellcollins.com
Thu Mar 16 09:37:11 PST 2006


You rock!    I should have thought of that..  I wish I had taken a course.

>From Paul

>Aha!  Reading it a second time, the problem is that your data is
>actually correct relative to its quoted EPSG CRS!  It is in lat/lon
>order, while PostGIS is expecting it to be in lon/lat order.

>So, your coordinate

>33.745400 -87.095300 1111.000  0

>is saying you are quite close to the south pole, rather than in
>Alabama! And a polygon in lat/lon at the south pole will be a good
>deal smaller than a polygon of the same shape in lat/lon in Alabama!
>Do you have any way of changing your coordinates around when you
>insert into PostGIS?


Elwood Cordery
Rockwell Collins
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