[postgis-users] Mapserver and Postgis

Obe, Regina DND\MIS robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
Tue Mar 28 07:11:07 PST 2006


Then I guess one thing to try would be connect into your webserver via
ssh or some other means and then do a ping on your postgresql server.
That may not work depending on whether pinging is blocked or not.

If you had a psql client on the webserver or can easily put one on, then
you can do more indepth analysis.
With something like below

psql -h myserver.mydomain.com mydb

Also you said you logged in using ssh from your local computer to the
postgresql server.  Did you try connecting to the postgresql server via
the psql client from your local pc.  Just because you can ssh into the
postgresql server doesn't necessarily mean postgres daemon is listening
on a TCP/IP port.

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Yes, I have a root account on webserver.

Best regards...

Obe, Regina DND\MIS escreveu:
> It could be that your webserver doesn't allow outbound connections on 
> 5432 because it has a firewall in front blocking.  As Greg mentioned 
> it sounds like you aren't connecting at all.
> Do you have root access to your webserver?
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> Gregory,
> Many thanks but there is notthing on the  postgresql-Tue.log :-( .
> I can start and stop the postgresql without problem. I use postmaster 
> -D
> way.
> Another thing. How can I ping using mapserver ?
> Another thing2:I can log to postgis using ssh connection (as root and
> after as postgres user).
> Another thing3:There is no password to postgis ( linux )user. The 
> postgis (database) user has yes a password (and I used on the map
> I hope  you could understand my enviroment.
> Ezequias
> Gregory S. Williamson escreveu:
>> Ezequias --
>> What does the postgres log say ? That's a good place to start
>> debugging this.
>> The text that you quoted has several very good suggestions; assuming
>> that the connection string seems rational to you, i.e. user,
>> server and database are all sane, I would suggest making sure that 
>> you
>> can can ping the postgres server from the mapserver ... if so
>> Check the postgres log and see if it is refusing the connection. if 
>> it
>> is you need to add the postgres user (not a great idea to exposte the
>> DBA account as a working account, but that's another issue) and the
>> address to the .hba file on the postres server. That file controls 
>> who
>> can connect and can't; it is in the root of the directory the 
>> postgres
>> database was created in.
>> If there is nothing in the log I'd suspect the TCP issue, or some
>> routing issue since postgres will write a useful message if an 
>> un-authorized user tries to connect. Presumably the postgres user has

>> permissions to connect to the database and access the tables.
>> It is possible the postgres instance was not started with the proper
>> to allow TCP/IP connections; that is controlled by the script that 
>> starts the postgres database. I'm not sure if the error log would
>> anything in this case.
>> HTH, post back your results and maybe others can help more.
>> Greg Williamson
>> DBA
>> GlobeXplorer LLC
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>> Hi list,
>> I don't know if this is a off-topic, but as nobody from mapserver
>> could
>> solve my problem I will report to you now.
>> I am trying to connect my mapserver project to PostGIS but my browser

>> always report the folowing error:
>> msDrawMap(): Image handling error. Failed to draw layer named
> 'bairros'.
>> msPOSTGISLayerOpen(): Query error. couldnt make connection to DB with
>> connect string 'user=postgres password=***** dbname=db host=xxx.xxx 
>> port=5432'.
>> Error reported was 'could not create socket: Permission denied '.
>> This error occured when trying to make a connection to the specified 
>> postgresql server.
>> Most commonly this is caused by
>> (1) incorrect connection string
>> (2) you didnt specify a 'user=...' in your connection string
>> (3) the postmaster (postgresql server) isnt running
>> (4) you are not allowing TCP/IP connection to the postmaster
>> (5) your postmaster is not running on the correct port - if its not
>> 5432 you must specify a 'port=...'
>> (6) the security on your system does not allow the webserver (usually
>> user 'nobody') to make socket connections to the postmaster
>> (7) you forgot to specify a 'host=...' if the postmaster is on a 
>> different machine
>> (8) you made a typo
>> Could someone help me. As simple as possible would be very glad.
>> Sincerely...

Ezequias Rodrigues da Rocha
msn:ezequias at hotmail.com
"the worst of democracies is still better than the best of dictatorship"

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