[DebianGIS] Re: [postgis-users] Announcing mezoGIS

alex bodnaru alexbodn at 012.net.il
Wed Mar 29 02:17:14 PST 2006


i can't say you have missed something i noticed.

but a small and handy tool to visualize postgis data would definitely
help in debugging complex installations, where might be hard to pinpoint
a problem.

anyway, i'm debianizing it and invite (not force) gis people to try it.


Hamish wrote:
> [mezoGIS]
>>there is a new postgis oriented gui gis available.
> http://www.stambouliote.de/mezogis/
> "The goal of mezoGIS is to provide a tool for geo-spatial analysis with
> PostGIS, through on-the-fly SQL queries as well as through larger,
> external plugin scripts.
> There are other, excellent open source applications that can display
> PostGIS data sets (like QGis or GRASS). Those projects, however, expect
> properly indexed tables as an input, and don't provide a built in
> functionality to launch SQL queries."
> I'm not trying to devalue what mezoGIS is offering, but does GRASS not
> "provide a built in functionality to launch [PostGIS] SQL queries"  ???
> Most vector functions honor SQL queries (where=), and db.execute will
> pretty much do whatever else. As long as you change the default DB (DBF
> has inherent limitations) you aren't limited in what you can do.
> Have I missed something or has mezoGIS?
> Hamish

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