[postgis-users] Adding postgis-config to PostGIS 1.1.2

TECHER David davidtecher at yahoo.fr
Tue Mar 28 15:16:18 PST 2006

Hi PostGISers,

Happy to send a mail to my favorite mailing-list ;)

I know that my idea is not new but I ask myself, if it could be (before
writing anything...)

Why not using a postgis-config like (geos-config does) for debugging and

I know, i know that for each info I need (example postgis_full_version)
there is a query and a function
(thanks Sandro for the work U do ;) )

But I think that there is a helpfull info which is very interesting is
the information returns at the end of
a 'configure':

cd postgis-1.1.1


 HOST_OS: linux-gnu

   PGSQL: /usr/local/pgsql/bin/pg_config
    GEOS: /usr/local/bin/geos-config (with C-API)
    PROJ: dir=/usr/local
   ICONV: 1

 PORTNAME: linux
   PREFIX: /usr/local/pgsql
  EPREFIX: ${prefix}
      DOC: /usr/local/pgsql/doc/contrib
     DATA: /usr/local/pgsql/share/contrib
      MAN: /usr/local/pgsql/man
      BIN: /usr/local/pgsql/bin
      EXT: /usr/local/pgsql/lib (\$$libdir)

I think there are interesting information (above) on these summary that
should be helpfull to have on
command like a 'postgis-config' with options for debugging...

For example, on a Debian (or other ..) PGLIB, PGHOME are not the same
directory! (/usr/local/pgsql and /var/lib/postgresql,

So why not writting a command that can do

postgis-config --help

Options available:

       --version                               PostGIS version
      --configure                            give you the command line
use by configure to build postgis here,
      --configure-summary              ( like above)
      --prefix                                      you guess, i think
     --with-geos                               0 is PostGIS was compiled
with Geos or else 0
    --with-proj                                 (same idea...)
    --help           prints these help then exit

Others options?

If U think it could be usefull, please let me know?

But that's only an idea?



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