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> Hello Mark.
> Thanks again for your support. I checked the files you told me on the
> C:\PostgreSQL\8.1\bin directory and those were there with privileges and
> permissions of full control for the postgres user (I attach you some
> files
> in this mail so you can take a look at them). I also checked for the
> existence of dlls with the same name in the whole C: drive (including
> system
> and hidden folders) and didnt found copies of those libraries.
> I installed the PostgreSQL database with the default options (without
> enabling any other contrib. modules, except for the Pl/PgSql support). Do
> you think this may be one of the reasons Im having a lot of troubles when
> trying to load the dll modules? Once again, thank you very much for all
> the
> support.

Hi Lauro,

Hmmm I'm running out of ideas as to why the installer isn't working for you.
The only other thing I have noticed is that your PostgreSQL database is
installed in C:\PostgreSQL as opposed to C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL. Would
you be willing to retry the PostGIS installer with PostgreSQL installed in
the default location?

Also, if you are re-initialising your database cluster (deleting the data
directory), can you try temporarily installing the supplied PostGIS 1.0.4 to
see if that will load for you? If this works, you can always go back to the
PostgreSQL installer and remove it before re-running the PostGIS 1.1.1

Also just one more note: you shouldn't have to post screenshots to the
mailing list unless someone specifically asks you - some people may not be
able to view them. The easiest method is probably to use the cut and paste
functions to copy any output from the DOS window to the clipboard and then
pasting it into an email. 

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