[postgis-users] Storing waypoints in Postgres

Marc Angelo computrain at paradise.net.nz
Thu Mar 30 03:09:50 PST 2006

Hi Everyone
I am curently working on a small application that writes/reads data on a Pocket PC to and from an rfid tag (RFID SD Card). The gps coordinates are captured and written to a text file - so far so good and most of that is finished.

What I want to be able to do now is store the points in Postgres and be able to pull them out into QGIS to view. I can open a .Net connection with Postgres and should be able to fire the data into Postgres. I have two problems and severfal questions (and I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask) - I'm using all Windows versions by the way 
1)    a)    Can waypoint data be stored in a Postgres Database?
       b)    If it can be stored, can it then be viewed in QGIS?
       c)    What data fields are required in a Postgres table if the waypoints can be stored? Is the geom field required?

I'm as thick as a plank when it comes to GIS data so I apologise for the simple questions

2)    I have tried to use SPIT to import some shape files into Postgres. Unfortunately I have been 99% unsuccessful. The data I have been using is NZTM, NZMG, and NZGD2000 (which apparently is very close to wgs84). I have had only one successful import and that was with an NZMG shape file (all other NZMG files fail as well including an identical file to the successful import but it was in NZTM). All these shape files I have tried (probaly 2 dozen or so) can be imported as a layer into QGIS - they just fail when an attempt to import them into Postgres with the following error:=

"Problem inserting features from file"

I have asked this question over on the QGIS mailing list and the guys were excellent but I felt I was out doing my welcome with all my questions so I thought I would try over here :)

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated

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