[postgis-users] Newbie needs assistance

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Fri May 26 19:37:47 PDT 2006

Not to short-circuit your fun, but why doesn't your brother just use  
the Windows versions of PostgreSQL/PostGIS? Think of all the time  
you'll save! :)

PgSQL: http://www.postgresql.org/ftp/binary/v8.1.4/win32/
PostGIS: http://www.webbased.co.uk/mca


On 26-May-06, at 6:53 PM, Ryan Sutton wrote:

> I have been using linux for over 5 years, never have used Postgre.   
> My database knowledge is very limited to basic admin functions for  
> MS SQL and MySQL.  Well, my brother's GIS master's thesis project  
> requires the use of PostGIS.  He has 0 linux experience.  He called  
> me to help him get the server stuff working.
> I loaded FC5 on a spare Dell Demension P4 512mb XP system (dual  
> boot not that it matters).  Yum update is current.  Postgre is  
> 8.1.4 which was installed via yumgroup, not the CDs.  When I  
> attempt to install the FC4 RPMs for PostGIS, it complains it needs  
> Postgre 8.1.1, plus some dependencies (which got installed).  I  
> ended up using the --nopeds option to install PostGIS.  Is this a  
> bad idea or should it work?   This PC is not important, so if I  
> must use FC4, I can do that too.   The thesis project is the sole  
> purpose of this install.  I have never used Fedora till now, but it  
> seems close enough to Centos, I feel right at home using it.
> Can someone recommend a dummy guide for PostGre?  I need to verify  
> both Postgre and Postgis are installed correctly and functional.   
> This is the first posting I have made.  If I should be submitting  
> to a different forum, please advise.
> Thanks
> Ryan
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