[postgis-users] PgArc and postgis 1.0

joanne cook j.cook at oxfordarch.co.uk
Wed May 31 01:52:40 PDT 2006

Hi List,
I'm just getting started with postgres and postgis, and was wondering about the current status of PgArc for linking to arcmap 9.x. I have got PgArc working to the stage that I can load tables and view the features in arcmap, but when I try and edit them and write back to the postgres database I get an error as follows:
error: CPostgisTable.dumpToPostgis
Error number: -2.147217887
Description: Error while exectuing the query;
ERROR: parse error -invalid geometry
I get this whether I try and save the original table or create a new one. When I then try and reload the orginal table it appears broken in arcmap, and doesn't display. 
Is there any work happening on a new version of PgArc or does anyone have a fix for this problem? 
Jo Cook
Joanne Cook BSc MLitt AIFA
Information Systems Coordinator
Oxford Archaeology North

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