[postgis-users] VisAD and postgis (3D)?

Guido Lemoine guido.lemoine at jrc.it
Wed May 31 02:16:57 PDT 2006

Dear list,

I am looking into the possibility to start using VisAD 
together with Postgis. VisAD is a scientific visualisation package in 
Java, using Java
2D/3D and comes with a nice set of mathematical routines (e.g. spline 
fitting, image
processing). It should be fairly straightforward to pipe postgis 
features into the relevant
data objects used in VisAD using JDBC.

I'd be grateful to any pointers/ideas of existing projects in this 
domain, and will be
willing to share expertise/code via the list.

Have a good day,

Guido Lemoine

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