[postgis-users] Probelm with postgis-pg81-setup-1.1.6-1 in XP

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at ilande.co.uk
Tue Nov 14 01:21:51 PST 2006

> Hello,
> I am using Postgtresql 8.1.1 installed under WinXP. When I installed it, I
> installed also the Postgis (I don't know which version) from the
> installation package, just for sure, never really used :-).
>  Later I decided to upgrade it to version 1.1.6, using the
> "postgis-pg81-setup-1.1.6-1" installation package downloaded from
> http://postgis.refractions.net/download/windows/ , as I am planning to use
> it with grass 6.3 and qgis (compiled from source under Ubuntu 6.0.6 in
> VMWare, approaching Postgresql/postgis as on remote machine - however,
> planning to switch to Linux completely as I need and use more OSS and
> Linux
> stuff as Win stuff ad the moment :-)).
> So, I recognized the following strange behaviour of the installer during
> the
> installation procedure:
> - arrived to the "Loading of Postgis functions ..." then stopped and an
> errormessage appeared that the template_postgis database creation did not
> succeed. The create_tempaltepostgis_sql_error.txt error log was clear that
> the problem was in running the lwpostgis.sql and the spatial_ref_sys.sql
> - I tried to run the lwpostgis.sql  manually, I succeed after manual
> removal
> of all the tables and types as well as the cast from type bool to type
> text.
> - the spatial_ref_sys.sql ran without problems now.
> It appears to me that it looks like as the template_postgis database was
> created twice during the installation procedure and it was no need to run
> those queries manually, am I right? My next question is that whether is
> the
> installation finished now and will the stuff work fine?
> Best regards
> Tomas

Hi Tomas,

It sounds as if you didn't remove the version of PostGIS supplied by the
PostgreSQL 8.1 installer before running the standalone installer from the
Refractions website (this is mentioned at the top of the Windows download
page in the section marked "Important"), but it's difficult to tell
without the error log.

For peace of mind, it may be worth uninstalling PostGIS from the
PostgreSQL installer and the 1.1.6 installer, and then reinstalling just
the 1.1.6 installer (you will get a warning about the template database
already existing but it should be safe to ignore it).

Kind regards,


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