[postgis-users] Hibernate with PostGIS

Norman Barker nbarker at ittvis.com
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To use JBoss EJB3 with PostGIS I had to write a Hibernate Geometry
Driver, the source code is in PostGIS SVN (LGPL) and there is a tutorial
available here



It allows creation and updates through Java, the tutorial walks you
through a simple SOAP example.


I am very interested in using the hibernate lucene annotations
html) in conjunction with the Geometry driver to create some sort of
catalog; so that we can do a proper geometry search on PostGIS through
the business layer (not just boxes!) and then seach on metadata with


A couple of people have expressed interest in this hibernate geometry
driver for Java, please give me some feedback on the future direction
you want this to go.







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Hi All

I want to know if i can use Hibernate with PostGIS ??
if yes ..then can some one point me to some doc which tells abt this !!

I am just skeptical about the geometry column !!


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