[postgis-users] build a SDB cache for Spatial Database based on postgis and postgresql

zhang Jackie jackieict at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 17:31:47 PST 2006

    I am interesting in PostGis and want to do something on it. My idea is
to build a Spatial Database Cache to accelerate GIS applications .So I want
to ask you some question and hope to get your answer.     1. As we all know,
PostGis is a Spatial extention for PostGreSQL. And there are also some other
products such as ArcSDE, Oracle Spatial .Have you ever do some performance
comparison between them.If you have ever done such work,Could you give me
some information on it. If not, is it because that you team did not care
about performance and just concerned with correctness of the program. And if
you can give me some materials on performance comparison on such Spatial
Database extention including ArcSDE, Oracle Spatial ,MySQL ,etc.
    2. Since Google Earth is lauched ,Many GIS systems are used by more and
more people,so the important features of Software becomes more and more
important,such as sacalibity, robust, stability,etc. Can you give me some
information and papers on the bottleneck of these applications.Especially,
are computing  and I/O requirements very important and become bottlenecks,Of
course, If you know some related solutions , you can mail me.
 I have searche lots of papers and get an overview of it. But I felt I did
not figure out the truth. So I want to get some more accurate information
on this field.
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