[postgis-users] build a SDB cache for Spatial Database basedonpostgis and postgresql

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Wed Nov 22 10:44:23 PST 2006


Be kind to the ones who love you...

Jan Syryn wrote:

> If you are not very experienced but there is (lot of) money in the project:
> don't hesitate and go for ORACLE / SPATIAL.
> I offeres a very extended, stable, framework with zillion of features.
> Furthermore, they offer a very quick and elaborate support system.
> To conclude: VERY proffessional, but RATHER expensive.

Oracle has not been faster than PostGIS in our experience, which has 
been extensive. It *is* more featureful, but as usual the cost of the 
installation should be judged against the cost of adding the feature to 

> If you wanna go for the 'cheap' version. Then Postgis is a choice. It 
> still has a rather fast update-cycle (this means it is not that stable yet).
> But that is logic: it is open source.

We can release less often, if that will make you feel we are more stable. :)

I would have thought stability has more to do with uptime, performance 
under load, graceful crash recovery, and so on, all of which 
PostgreSQL/PostGIS have in spades.

> Also support......... by the people like this little mailing list.
> So not that professional, and above all (like Pedro indicated too): most 
> of the solutions you have to divine yourself and ask simple/small 
> questions to mailing list.

At the risk of pre-announcing, there should be a more formal support 
mechanism available, "soon".


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