[postgis-users] build a SDB cache for Spatial Database basedonpostgis and postgresql

Frank Koormann frank.koormann at intevation.de
Thu Nov 23 00:48:45 PST 2006

* Jan Syryn <jan.syryn at trasys.be> [061122 18:29]:
>    Also support......... by the people like this little mailing list.
>    So not that professional, and above all (like Pedro indicated too): most
>    of the solutions you have to devine yourself and ask simple/small
>    questions to mailing list.

Sorry for slight advertising, but actually this is not true. I cannot 
speak for Refractions, but here in Europe my company offers professional 
support (with Refractions as backup). There are also other offers. 
Might be a matter of visibility. 

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