[postgis-users] Joining tables for QGIS

Emilia Venturato venturato at faunalia.it
Fri Nov 24 06:25:49 PST 2006

I don't know what qgis version you have.
But in the 0.8 it runs if in your view there is a field coming from a field 
(in the original table) having a primary key int4.

Alle 14:13, venerdì 24 novembre 2006, Christian Braun ha probabilmente 
> Hello,
> I have problem with joining tables for QGIS.
> I have e large table with rain measurements at a specific point in
> Luxembourg. In another table I store the coordinates of the measurement
> devices. The devices have a temporal resolution of 1min. So the table with
> measurements have about 300000 entries. I want to link the table with the
> coordinates to the table with the measurements that I can save the
> diskspace of two additional columns with X and Y coordinates for every
> measurement of the 300000 entries.
> I found the option to do that with a view-statement, but QGIS complains
> about that there is no primary key in the view.
> Any suggestions to solve that problem?
> cheers, Christian

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