[postgis-users] PostGIS configuration on WinXP issue using psql terminal

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at ilande.co.uk
Thu Oct 12 23:27:42 PDT 2006

On Thu, 2006-10-12 at 17:40 -0400, Tahir Tamba wrote:
> Dear all, 
> I'm a newby to PostGis and I'm getting some difficulties to setting up
> PostGis using the psql terminal. I installed Windows 8.1.4 compiled
> version from Postgres and Windows 1.1.3 compiled version from
> PostGIS. 
> Using the example presented by Refractions on the document titled
> "Introduction to PostGIS" refering on how to create a table using psl
> terminal I get the following error: 
> Welcome to psql 8.1.4, the PostgreSQL interactive terminal. 
> Type:  \copyright for distribution terms 
>         \h for help with SQL commands 
>         \? for help with psql commands 
>         \g or terminate with semicolon to execute query 
>         \q to quit 
> Warning: Console code page (850) differs from Windows code page
> (1252) 
>           8-bit characters may not work correctly. See psql reference 
>           page "Notes for Windows users" for details. 
> postgres=# \c postgis 
> You are now connected to database "postgis". 
> postgis=# create table points ( pt geometry, name varchar ); 
> postgis=# insert into points values ( 'POINT(0 0)', 'Origin' ); 
> INSERT 0 1 
> postgis=# insert into points values ( 'POINT(5 0)', 'X Axis' ); 
> INSERT 0 1 
> postgis=# insert into points values ( 'POINT(0 5)', 'Y Axis' ); 
> INSERT 0 1 
> postgis=# select name, AsText (pt), Distance (pt, 'POINT(5 5) ')  
> from points; 
> 'more' n'est pas reconnu en tant que commande interne 
> ou externe, un programme exécutable ou un fichier de commandes. 
> postgis=# 
> I have been told that the psql terminal is configured to use the
> pager, 'more', so I should turn it off. Running the the following
> command on psql : \pset pager  the terminal noticed that pager is
> setted to Off.
> Any help about this issue would be appreciated.
> Regards 
> Tahir Tamba 

Hi Tahir,

(This is actually a PostgreSQL issue rather than a PostGIS issue since
you will see the same problem regardless of whether you query is spatial
in nature or not)

This sounds like a broken installation of Windows - more.exe is supplied
as part of a standard WinXP installation, and on my system can be found
in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. Could it be a permissions problem that is
preventing you from seeing the file? A good test would be to use the
Start Menu and navigate to Programs -> PostgreSQL 8.1 -> command prompt
and then try and bring up the more.exe help screen by typing: more /?

Kind regards,


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