[postgis-users] Instllation problem on WinXP

Akio Takubo takubo at saruga-tondara.net
Thu Oct 26 11:06:18 PDT 2006

Hello all,

I have a strange problem with PostGIS installer for Win32.
Have anyone experienced these problem?

In my case ...
I failed install into only WinXP SP2 *Japanese* edition,
when I tryed PostGIS installer with some environments.
Some user also said that they have same problem with WInXP SP2 (Japanese). 

This is a list of my test environments and its result. All env are Win32 not Win64.
* WinXP Pro SP2 (Japanese) failed
* WinXP Pro SP1 (Japanese) success
* WinXP Pro SP2 (English) success
* Win2003 Server SP1 (Japanese) success

I got same above result by all these installers. 
* pgInstaller(PostgreSQL 8.1.4) + PostGIS installer (1.1.3)
* pgInstaller(PostgreSQL 8.1.5) + PostGIS installer (1.1.5)
* pgInstaller(PostgreSQL 8.2beta2 with PostGIS 1.1.5)

So there is no problem on SP1 or English ver or Win2003server.

But at least I can sucess install WinXP SP2 (Japanese) following combination.
* pgInstaller(PostgreSQL 8.1.4 + PostGIS 1.0.5 or PostGIS1.0.6)
* pgInstaller(PostgreSQL 8.1.4) + PostGIS 1.1.3 (I built with Linux/Mingw32 envrironment)

This error occured a runtime of lwpostgis.sql.
One example error message is: 

   psql:../share/contrib/lwpostgis.sql;;35 ERROR:  could not load library 
   "C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/8.1/lib/liblwgeom.dll": ( Error message in japanese)

It seems that LoadLibrary API fails to load liblwgeom.dll with 998 (ERROR_NOACCESS) error.
I thought that there is some compatibility issue (C++ memory managemnet related?) 
with WinXP SP2 japanese and current PostGIS build envirnment.

Can anyone solve this?

Best regards, 

   Akio Takubo @ OSGeo-Japan
    takubo at saruga-tondara.net

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