[postgis-users] Need help to load data in PostGIS

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I believe there is a pgsql2shp.exe file in the bin directory of the
PostreSQL install directory.  Google "pgsql2shp.exe" and you will find
directions on how to use the command line utility to import shapes into
the database.  Then use the built in spatial analysis SQL functions to
perform any spatial operation/analysis you need.  I think this is
correct but I'm not the most knowledgeable PostgreSQL user.


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I am a student and is working on a project which will use MapServer and
PostGIS. I have data in vector format as ESRI compatible shapefiles. My
task is to load data into PostGIS as raster and then to perform overlay
analysis and display map  in web browser through mapserver (on windows


I am newbie to PostGIS and is trying to load data into PostGIS. I am
wondering if anybody can give me idea/guideline about


a) how should I load data into PostGIS

b) how vector to raster transformation will happen

c) how I will perform overlay analysis using raster data.


Your response is higly appreciated




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