[postgis-users] problem with proj-4.5.0

Frank Koormann frank.koormann at intevation.de
Thu Feb 15 02:49:40 PST 2007


* Stüwe Rolf <Rolf.Stuewe at stadt.wuppertal.de> [070214 19:38]:
> I have problems to compile postGIS 1.2.1 under linux with proj-4.5.0 :
> I set the variables --with-proj=/.../postgres/proj-4.5.0   and --with-proj-libdir=/.../postgres/proj-4.5.0/src/.libs when compiling. I set the variables  USE_PROJ=1 and PROJ_DIR and PROJ_LIBDIR in the file Makefile.config.in, but the error-message is "configure: error: Can't find proj dir.".

As I read, you are trying to build PostGIS against a Proj.4 which is
compiled and linked, but not installed. This might be possible, but the
configure process of PostGIS expects a strucure of Proj.4 which is
created by installing it. The error message you encounter is due to the
fact that there is no include/project.h under the proj-libdir you

I suggest to install Proj.4 with an appropriate --prefix= setting 
and reference this with when configuring PostGIS with
./configure --with-proj= .....

Btw. it shouldn't be necessary to edit Makefile.config.in with PostGIS
1.1.x and higher.

Hope this helps,

        Frank Koormann

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