[postgis-users] Sudden failure in client connection

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Thu Feb 22 14:26:19 PST 2007

myunghwa Hwang wrote:
> Just after the change,
> there was no problem, since I guess I didn't reload the settings. 
> Soon I needed to reboot the OS because of some software and system 
> upgrades from Apple. I guess when rebooting the server postgres
> crashed because of the changed setting. 

In did not crash, it was unable to start, because you asked it to 
allocation more shared buffers than your operating system would allow. 
The right fix is to increase the shared buffers in OS/X so your postgres 
can run. That way you can reap the performance benefit of properly sized 

As far as your other problem, almost certainly there is something else 
you changed that you forgot to change back, which you just cannot 
recall.  Installing a completely fresh replacement has the salutary 
effect of wiping out all your edits, both well- and ill- considered.


I couldn't connect to db
> server, so I restarted the postgres by using pg_ctl. Then it showed
> the setting were wrong, I recovered all settings to the previous
> values. And restarting worked, so I could connect db locally. But
> client connection is not working. I didn't change anything related to
> TCP/IP connection. Port 5432 was manually added, and in
> postgresql.conf I explicitly set to allow the server to listen all
> connections through 5432 port. Of course, I reloaded all the settings
> again, but still client connection is not working. So, I decided to
> move into new version of PostgreSQL and PostGIS, and dumped the whole
> db. But I want to know why this happens. Anybody has some ideas about
> this trouble?
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